Why You Need Extra Hands To Help Install A Security System

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A home security system installation is often handled by at least three professionals at once. The need for extra hands is imperative. If you are going to install your home security system yourself, make sure you have at least two extra people helping you too. Here is why:

Positioning the Outdoor Cameras

Every outdoor camera you install for security purposes needs to be positioned properly. You cannot simply bolt cameras to your home's exterior willy-nilly and hope that you are getting clear images. You have to have one person inside watching the monitor and telling you how to position a camera. Then you have to have another person hold that camera while you secure it in place. Otherwise, you could accidentally drop the camera or secure it to a lower or higher position by accident.

Plugging in the Cameras in Order

The other problem you may encounter is plugging these cameras into the receiver box in order. You may have labeled the camera closest to the front door as camera one, but without someone checking the monitor, you could accidentally plug the cable into port four or six. It is important to label and plug the cameras into the matching ports so your corresponding security footage is accurate.

What makes this easier with extra hands is that when you do make a mistake, your video screen watcher can remove the plugs from the wrong ports and set them right. He or she does this while you continue to install the rest of the cameras. If you knock a camera off the wrong way, your inside man or woman tells you which way to move the camera to correct it too.

Setting up High-Tech Operations

If you have purchased a high-tech system, then you also need a third person who can help set up the tech stuff. This often includes getting every camera that operates by WiFi to sync with the box and then project to the monitor's screen. The only cords you have to concern yourself with in these systems are the cords from the box to the monitor, but the WiFi set-up requires someone with tech know-how.

Lighting Areas That Are Difficult to See

Security cameras rarely project their own light source. As such, some homeowners find that they also have to set up lights in areas where the cameras are not getting a good image. Your indoor and outdoor help can coordinate their combined efforts to make sure every image on the security monitor is crystal clear.